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The Most Affordable Pricing

Apart from offering the best service to our clients, we also have a very flexible pricing system that will suit everyone. Just as our service beats that of any other product photography studio around, our pricing is also more affordable with a rate as low as $17/image.

About Coconut Product Photography

We offer product photography to companies and businesses across the US. Product photography is our specialization, and this gives our clients the satisfaction that they are dealing with professionals. Our main aim is to help businesses to increase their revenue by maximizing sales via the production of images that are the exact representation of the actual products.

About Us - Coconut Product Photography

Some of Our Clients

We have worked with a wide range of different establishments who now have an unending confidence in our unique and excellent service. They include small and medium-sized companies across the US who send their products to us for photo shoot. We strongly believe in the quality of our service and our flexible pricing system which has no competing counterpart elsewhere and because of this, we are offering free service trial to our new customers who are interested in seeing the brilliance of our service.


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Carmen -

"I was impressed with Coconut Studio's quick turnaround and photography. I have been trying to take photos myself or make my own shirt photos using Photoshop. No matter what I tried, it was not an accurate representation of the actual shirt. Coconut Studio was able to take real photos of my shirt in ghosted mannequin style, which has transformed my web store into a much more professional storefront. Love that it puts my brand in a much better light and shows that we are professional. Thank you Coconut Studio!"

Justin -

I have been extremely happy with the photos Sepideh has taken for me. The quality of her work is excellent and is reasonably priced. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have affordable professional photos taken.

Our services are Nationwide

The fact that our studio is located in Washington state does not limit the range of coverage of our service. Most of our clients are from other states across US. All that is required of them is that they should ship their product to our studio in Washington for the shooting and we will send the products and images back to them in their respective states.

Coconut Product photography services are nationwide

Service Request

We are not only interested in giving a brilliant service; we are also interested in making the acquisition of this service hassle free. No need to wait any longer as you can place an order right away by clicking the “Start an Order” button.

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