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There are over 250 million websites online and hundreds, if not thousands of sites carrying the same products as you. What will capture your target audience’s? The right picture.

A professional product photographer can capture customer attention and keep customer attention so that you can close the deal at a price that is sure to give you a great return on investment. 

Below is a look at how professional product photography can help grow an e-commerce business:

  • Lead conversion increase
  • Building customers' trust
  • Strengthening brand identity
  • Enhancing the business image
  • Growing search mobility
  • Building mobile-based audience

6 Reasons Why To Use Professional Product Photography Services

✔ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✔ Years of Experience

✔ We Operate US Wide

✔ We Only Shoot Product

✔ We Use the Best Gear

✔ Most Affordable Rates

✔ 100% Image Rights

✔ Very High Quality Images

The image below demonstrates our product photography process. It's fast and straightforward.

Step 1
Contact us
Step 2
Send us your products
Step 3
We photograph your products
Step 4
Review & Approval
Step 5
Payment & Downnload
Step 6
We ship back your products

To place an order, please contact us first to set the terms of work. Then send us your product to be photographed. Also, if you have any comments on how to take the images (according to the background, Angel, etc.), please let us know. After we received your products, we unpack and prepare them for the shoot. Then we take some sample images and show you to make sure you are satisfied with them. After your approval, we take the rest of images. When the images are ready, we will send you images of your products in a private and secure gallery. You can select as many images as you like. We will also re-shoot the products which you think are not 100% satisfying to you.

Coconut Product Photography creates a secure private gallery for each project

We use ShootProof Payments which accepts all major credit cards. It is reliable and very safe for users and sellers. After checkout, you can download automatically your high-quality photos.

At the end of the process, we re-pack your products and deliver them to the post agent. The shipping cost will be added to the customer’s invoice.


FAQ 2 – What are our payment options?

We use “PayPal” and "Stripe" payment gateways. These are the two most popular safe ways to make purchases online. PayPal accepts PayPal, bank accounts, debit cards and common credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). Stripe also accepts different credit cards.

FAQ - Coconut Product Photography Payment Options

Absolutely! We DO NOT collect any payment or credit card data. You give your data directly to PayPal or Stripe that are 100% safe and secure. Please visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about it.

Normally, it takes 5-7 business days for us to turn around your photos from the time we receive your products. If you need your photos in 3 business days, you can use our Rush Delivery service for an additional fee. Please check out our Pricing page to learn more about this service.

Photos are in JPEG format and 3000 x 3000 resolution @ 300dpi. And if you want, we can also send you images in “.rtf” format. Our images are all in high quality (300 dpi) resolution, and you can also download lower-quality images for use on your website.

Coconut Product Photography is the owner of photos, but we offer unlimited usage rights to our customers. It means that you can have a very high-quality version of your photo which can be used as much as you want for Website/Print/Advertisement/Social Media for an unlimited amount of time.

The fact that our studio is located in Washington state does not limit the range of coverage of our service. Most of our clients are from other states across the US. All that is required of them is that they should ship their product to our studio in Washington for the shooting and we will send the products and images back to them in their respective states.

Currently, we only shoot products which are not larger than 3 feet on the longest side.

Learn more about our product photography process

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