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If you are selling online, having high-quality images of your products does matter. Product photos are most likely the main tools your customers can use to learn more about your products or services. For eCommerce online store owners, using high-quality, professional and compelling images means higher conversion rates and more sales.

Product photography has always been a challenge for startup eCommerce businesses. While entrepreneurs know that product photography is a key conversion factor for their sales, they try to keep its budget as small as possible. Because product photography is usually not cheap.

Some entrepreneurs consider buying some essential photography equipment and learn how to DIY product photography. So, in this post, I decided to introduce some online product photography courses you should take if you want to DIY!

Here are some resources which I think should be considered:

1- Digital-photography-school.com

Ok, first things first! To start learning product photography, you need to have some photography knowledge. You should be familiar with concepts like aperture, macro, depth of field, flash or strobe photography.

Digital photography school is one of the resources you can use to increase your knowledge of photography.

2- PetaPixel.com

PetaPixel is another great resource for photographers. It has lots of wonderful articles and tutorials about photography and post-processing techniques.

3- Photigy.com

One of the best Product Photography resources. It has both free and premium courses along with advanced topics in commercial photography.

If you are new to product photography, there is a great FREE course for you on Photigy:

Introduction to Studio Product Photography

4- Lynda.com

Lynda.com is LinkedIn’s online education platform. It has thousands of courses in Business and IT and over 700 courses in Photography! You can also find a couple of very useful Product Photography courses in Lynda’s archive.

Note: Lynda.com is not a premium service. But many local libraries and schools offer it for free to their members. So, if you don’t want to pay its monthly subscription fee yourself, try asking your local library first.

Here are some courses I found interesting:

Learning Product Photography

This is a great course about product photography basics. It teaches how to do product photography with affordable cameras, softbox and lighting.

Insights on Product Photography

If you are interested in becoming a professional product photographer, this course is about product photography industry.



Jewelry Photography

Do you sell jewelry or shiny objects on your website? Well, this course most likely works for you. Jewelry photography usually takes more time and energy and it’s more complicated. This course teaches you how to do it yourself.

Clothing Photography

If your business is about apparel and you want to do the photography yourself, this course if designed for you.

5- Gimp.org

When it comes to photo editing and retouching, Adobe Photoshop is obviously the market leader. But Photoshop is not a free software and entrepreneurs who are running their businesses on a tight budget, might prefer to find a free alternative for that.

GIMP is a free and open-source graphics editor which can be used for photo retouch, edit and format. It can be downloaded for free from its website, gimp.org.

Gimp also has a very good documentation which is the best way to learn how to use this software.

With Gimp, you can easily and professionally do all the post-processing tasks you need to do for your product photos. It includes retouching, making backgrounds perfectly white and optimizing files for web use.



Always keep in mind that product photography is a large and complicated photography skill. It needs practice, practice and practice! So, it’s very important not to get frustrated if you don’t like your images a week after you start learning product photography! Keep going and try to learn from your mistakes. 

However, if you want a professional product photographer to help you with your product photography works, please contact us. Coconut Product Photography offers high-quality and affordable product imaging services across the US.