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In an ever-growing world of freelance and startups, the ability to photograph products in a visually appealing manner is becoming essential and sought after. Whether you’re a budding product photographer yourself, or simply looking to shoot your own products for an Etsy store, these are 20 of the most helpful blog posts to set you on the path to stunning images:

1. DIY Product Photography

This post is ideal for those on a strict budget or those who are just starting to dip their toes into the world of photographing products. Paula covers everything from lighting temperatures and DIY sweeps, to the neccesity of keeping fishing line and clothespins in your “photographer’s toolbox”!

2. Discovering Your Studio’s True Identity

Ellen Petty provides an inspiring call-to-action for finding and establishing your brand identity. She stresses that the atmosphere you craft within your photos can target an audience, enhance creativity, increase cohesion, maintain consistency, and set your service apart from competition.

3. The Pros and Cons of Lights Tents: Are They Worth It?

Light tents are great for creating a beautifully diffused, consistent source of light. However, they’re limited to shooting smaller products. This post from SLR Lounge weighs the pros and cons of investing in a light tent.

4. White Backgrounds vs. Photographing Products in Context

Becky Hayes writes on the strengths and weaknesses of using clean backgrounds versus more contextual lifestyle settings. This is a must-read for anyone working to foster a brand identity in eCommerce photography.

5. The Five Best Lenses For Product Photography on the Market!

Whether you consider yourself Team Nikon or Team Canon, every photographer is looking for the highest quality lens to fit their photographic niche, at the best price. This article supplies just that.

6. A Portable and Inexpensive Seamless Background System

Sweeps are an essential for shooting almost anything. Having a variety of sweeps however, can get expensive. This quick DIY shows you a simple way to make a variety of beautiful sweeps perfect for shooting smaller products.

7. Five Tips for Great eCommerce Product Photos

Did you know that saving your photos under a PNG or GIF format can help to enhance the sharpness of the text? Are you familiar with the ideal pixel size to ensure high quality photos that are still able to load quickly? This blog post covers the checklist of things you may have overlooked, in straightforward layman’s terms.

8. The Seven Best Studio Light Kits for Photographers to Buy in 2017

Lighting can make or break a photo. It can suggest a certain mood, as well as enhance (or take away from) the visual appeal of the product you’re trying to market. This simple guide proves that having a sufficiently lit studio at home isn’t impossible or inaccessible. Bulbs and umbrella stands for under $100? Count us in!

9. How to Get Bright White Photos

How do you achieve that perfect white background without risking over exposure? This article provides easy beginner tips for shooting settings, as well as quick fixes for post editing.

10. A Step-by-Step Guide to High Quality Product Images Shot with Your Smartphone

Need a photo in a hurry or on the go? Turn to your smartphone! As the cameras in these convenient little gadgets become more and more advanced, the need to carry around a bulky DSLR for those stunning lifestyle shots becomes less of a worry. This article covers the basics of editing apps, phone tripods, and the settings every product photographer should use to achieve the highest quality photos.

11. How to Use Natural Lighting for Product Photos

Natural lighting can illuminate your products with soft, beautiful framing. This lighting is versatile in that it can evoke a clean ambiance as well as a moody one, depending on the photographer and the time of day. Natural light photographers have to work quickly however, and shadows and disparities in color due to inconsistent lighting can pose a problem. As such, it’s a good idea to read up on the proper process of natural lighting before completely forgoing artificial lighting.

12. Eleven Amazing Photo Styling Tips

Photo styling is a disciplined and sought after art form. Product photographers who specialize in culminating “lifestyle” atmospheres, particularly within the realm of food photography, will find these styling tips to be life changing.

13. Four Best Angles for Photographing Your Products

Step up your product photography game by enabling your customers to see things from all sides!

14. How to Photograph Five Different Instagram Style Flat Lay Collages

Flat-lays can convey a variety of styles for a variety of products that are perfect for both websites and social media posts. This post gives great ideas for shooting clothing and accessories.

15. The Exact Tools I Use To Create Gorgeous Product Photos For My Etsy Shop

Those who are just beginning to dip their toes into the from-home eCommerce photography of platforms like Etsy and Ebay will appreciate this blogger’s simplicity and candor.

16. How to Get Rid of Dark Shadows When You’re Photographing Products

If you thought you could get away without using a reflector, think again! Making this simple investment, along with a few other tips and tricks, can help eliminate those pesky silhouettes from your photos.

17. How to Edit Product Photos For a White Background in One Minute

Who said post had to be a pain?

18. Five Tips for Photographing Jewelry

Should you use a matte background or a bright and glossy one? Should you use overcast natural lighting or an artificial setup? This articles briefs all the answers that jewelry product photographers should know!

19. Four Ways to Style Flat Lay

Flat lays provide for a greater sense of atmosphere and connection to your audience by including personal touches of flair. Do you specialize in eCommerce photography for ceramics? Complete the scene with an office desk layout or a bundle of flowers! This stock photographer stylist walks you through her most basic and helpful tips for staging a photography that is attention-grabbing and visually interesting.

20. How to Model Photography for Your Products

Shooting products doesn’t have to be all about a plain background; make the shot interactive and get models involved! This can be especially helpful for any product that may require further insight regarding how to wear or use it.